Investment Rationale

  • Deploy USD 5 million to USD 25+ million in either conventional or shariah-compliant financing structures in the form of senior, subordinated, convertible or pre-IPO structures for a variety of uses including:
  • Growth / expansion
  • Acquisitions and bolt-ons
  • Recapitalize balance sheets
  • Leveraged buy-outs
  • All our investments are through offshore structures
  • Address huge funding gap within the SME sector in UAE, MENA and South East Asia

Sector Focus

  • Broadly sector-agnostic, with the exception of greenfield construction
  • Particular focus on defensive sectors such as:
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Consumer Staples
  • Facilities Management

Investee Credentials

  • Stable, proven operating history
    Strong, predictable cash flows
  • Scalable business needing growth capital
    Good management track record

Effective Capital Markets Risk Management And Consulting

Market environment has become dynamic today. Individuals, corporate executives, families and business owners look out for consultation on capital market risk assessment.

Future Capital Limited is dedicated to private capital management and capital marketing solutions for clients with all kinds of needs. We provide best of the best advice and service to meet your objectives and goals.

Our strategies, advice, and solutions are all developed to manage, preserve and grow capital, depending on the risk assessment of the market.

Goals we aim for with our capital markets advisory

After understanding your needs, we align and adjust our goals to meet your capital market requirements. Our service goals include:

  1. Finding all challenging environments in the capital market and offering appropriate solutions.
  2. Ensuring capital growth in a short-term as well as long-term basis.
  3. Contributing to capital building from the initiation to the achievement of client-goals.
  4. Using consistent expert research to stay updated with capital market trends.

With these goals, we successfully recognize great opportunities for our clients and provide access to the best aspects of the capital market. Our strategic objectives seamlessly blend with clients’ objectives, making the success a sure thing.

Our capital market consulting approach

Future Capital Limited provides consulting assistance to help you safely access the capital market. We choose appropriate business sectors such as healthcare, education, logistics, facilities management, and consumer staples. These business sectors are researched and utilized with respect to growth and expansion opportunities.

Securities are analysed, competencies are identified and the stream of revenue is evaluated. Similarly, multiple other research approaches are conducted by our experts.

Using the obtained conclusions, we assist our clients to help in attaining the desired capital market solutions.

Advantages of our capital management services

Leading as a capital management service provider, Future Capital Limited holds one of the strongest financial expertise. Our huge team of professionals has a passion for helping clients and staying updated with the capital market happenings. Every professional in our company is licensed to provide consultation and resolve capital issues for clients.

Such an extensive advisory experience makes us the right place to obtain capital market and management solutions.
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