Wealth Management

  • We strongly leverage our existing suite of products to offer an extensive range of investment options to our clients
  • Our service offerings include:


  • Private Equity Investments
  • Private Capital Investments
  • Trade Finance Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Equity Funds
  • Brokerage Services
  • Portfolio Management

Services Offered

Private wealth Management via 3rd Parties

  • Open investment accounts and provide financial solutions to grow, preserve and transfer wealth of our clients
  • Products are arranged on behalf of a top-tier asset manager

In-house Wealth Management

  • Dedicated team mandated to manage existing client portfolio
  • Focus on capital preservation, income and long-term growth

Investment Products

  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Non-Collective Investment Scheme
  • Trade Finance Funds
  • Fixed Income Funds
  • Equity Funds
  • Brokerage Services*
  • Private Capital Investments
  • PE Investments
  • Portfolio Management

Targeted Clients

Mass Affluent


High Net Worth

Ultra High Net Worth

Family Offices





* To be provided via Global for Shares & Bonds LLC in the local markets and globally, through Swissquote

Private Wealth Management to Navigate Your Wealth Growth

It takes a complex understanding of finances and on-going efforts to grow wealth. The process presents hundreds of challenges, which requires experience of managing wealth. You need a financial coach who can navigate the path and help you ensure exponential progress in wealth. That is when Future Capital Limited becomes a perfect choice!

At Future Capital Limited, we have an experienced team that works as your wealth management advisor. Our advisors plan and implement financial strategies exactly aligned with your current and future goals, market movements and risk tolerance capacity. We give critical importance to research and develop insightful financial strategies. This way, our experts ensure consistent growth in your financial portfolio.

We have a successful history of proven results and thousands of satisfied clients. Our data and expertise-based decisions have been effective for our clients all these years.

Wealth management services aligned with your goals and needs

We understand how unique every client can be when it comes to financial goals and needs. From the education of your child to a dream of going on a world tour, we consider it all. Some clients come with family-owned assets, while others want to build an investment portfolio.

We utilize our proven wealth management practices to ensure that your goals and needs become achievable. Your success becomes the success of our company and expertise.

Smart execution of wealth management solutions

Wealth management plans mean nothing if the execution process fails. We ensure a diverse execution of investment strategies. The security and growth factors are balanced during the execution to ensure the success of every solution you achieve from us.

Regular portfolio review to upgrade

Wealth management is an on-going process and our experts understand it perfectly. We keep evaluating the market and your personal assets to upgrade and modify the approach to investing and growing wealth. We have highly skilled financial experts who track and create reports regarding your financial growth.

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