M&A Advisory


Our corporate/ M&A advisory professionals work alongside our clients to provide transaction, financing and restructuring services.





  • Strategic Expansion Evaluation
  • Target Identification & Valuation
  • Due diligence coordination
  • Assessment of possible synergies
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Assessment of capital needs & capital raising process
  • Fund raising preparation and identification of potential lenders and/or investors
  • Negotiation & closing
  • Review of future cash flow needs
  • Balance sheet restructuring
  • Recommendations on optimal capital structures and negotiations with capital providers

Expand Business Horizon with Our M&A Strategy Consulting

If you have been involved in M&A, you already know how unique each merger and acquisition can be. Understanding that uniqueness is the key to succeed. The long-term success of a deal relies on the ability to predict value generation. For many, business mergers and acquisitions can seem too complex to predict. But correct data, analytics, and the availability of expertise can make a huge difference. That is exactly what Future Capital Limited does for you.

Future Capital Limited is admired as one of the top m&a advisory firms for a variety of reasons. We offer our insights and expertise to help dealmakers. Our support reduces the complexity of every step and increases the pace of the process at the same time.

Future Capital m&a consulting services

With Future Capital Limited, you get to work with an advisory team that uniquely prepares you, depending on the type of service you require.
Our service expertise in M&A includes:

  1. Buy-side advisory
  2. Sell-side advisory
  3. Fund raising
  4. Capital structuring and restructuring

Our experts conduct a strategic evaluation of expansion opportunities during buy-side advisory. A target is identified and evaluated to ensure a coordinated merger and acquisition.
For sell-side advisory, our team concentrates on finding and evaluating potential buyers. At the same time, transaction structure is designed and the deal sourcing is managed as well.
We help clients raise funds as well. Our approach begins with the identification of lenders available in the market. The investors and lenders are selected based on a client’s capital raising needs. Our experts also know how to negotiate the best terms and close deals in your favour.

With our ongoing capital structure support, we predict accurate cash flow requirements. Our team, then, offers meaningful recommendations.

Lifecycle of m&a services with us

M&A strategy :- Our professional M&A experts sit with your stakeholders to listen to the specific requirements. At the same time, your business is evaluated to understand the portfolio, financial strength and M&A models. The obtained conclusions are utilized to create a working strategy.

Transaction structuring :- The assessment of a deal is conducted, which leads to structuring every step of the procedure. The readiness of this structure is reviewed by our experts with the help of synergy analysis as well as modelling.

Execution of the reviewed strategy :- This is when our experts manage the bidding and provide negotiation support. Depending on the prepared structure, a capital advisory is provided along with the due diligence. The execution of detailed separation and integration takes place. We work on tax valuation, structuring, and other expected changes.

Closing a deal :- Depending on the buy side or sell side approach, we decide our approach to closing a deal. An integration or separation plan is developed and applied according to client’s requirement. This phase also involves agreement advisory with respect to buy, sell and other financial aspects.

Post-closing support :- Our team of experts stays available to help with restructuring and ensure a smooth synergy in terms of cost management.

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