Securities and Custody Services


Custody Services

  • A partner in the local markets is key to successful post-trade processing. Clients can rely on our deep understanding of local
    practices and rules, access to market authorities, and understanding of the operational and strategic challenges created by new regulations and market initiatives.
  • As part of our custody services, we offer seamless integration and information flow by leveraging our in-house systems.


  • We connect clients’ trading activities to post-trade market infrastructures through our global clearing and settlement service. Our consolidated set-up supports clearing, settlement and custody in multiple markets.
  • Regulatory and market evolutionsare changing how clients think about and manage liquidity. AIP Securities Services customized solutions in place which allow our clients to anticipate liquidity requirements, leverage assets and optimize cash management.
  • We offer the following cash management services to our clients:
  • – Administrative functions on behalf ofthe client, acting as agent of the client
  • – Depository borrowing and lending ofclient portfolios
  • – Assets held with AIP or other custodians
  • – Risk and collateral management
  • – Transparent client reporting
  • – Fee-sharing structure, fully aligninginterests of client and agent
  • – Expert team with over 16 years of experience
  • AIP has a committed and service-focused team with in-depth experience to facilitate your transaction requirements and we strive to be the best in market for client service.
  • We offer a broad range of agency services, including:
  • – Facility Agent (Conventional)
  • – Global / Intercreditor Agent
  • – Investment Agent (Islamic)
  • – Security Agent
  • – Escrow Bank/Agent
  • AIP offers the following services as part of the asset servicing platform:
  • – Insourcing
  • – Investment fund and Portfolio administration
  • – Depository Bank and Trustee Services
  • – White Labeling
  • Collect information on and income from such assets (dividends in the case of stocks/equities and coupons (interest payments) in the case of bonds) and administer related tax withholding documents and foreign tax reclamation
  • Administer voluntary and involuntary corporate actions on securities held such as stock dividends, stock splits, business combinations (mergers), tender offers, bond calls, etc.
  • Provide information on the securities and their issuers such as annual general meetings and related proxies
  • Calculation of the net asset value (“NAV”) including the calculation of the fund’s income and expense accruals and the pricing of securities at current market value
  • Preparation of semi-annual and annual reports to shareholders
  • Maintenance and filing of the fund’s financial books and records as the fund accountant, including reconcilement of holdings with custody and broker records
  • Payment of fund expenses
  • Settlement of daily purchases and sales of securities, ensuring collection of dividends and interests
  • Calculation and payment to the transfer agent of dividends and distributions (if required)
  • Book Keeping
  • Balloting and Allotment of shares For IPO
  • Share Registrar / Transfer Agents
  • Dealing with Physical & CDC shareholders
  • Arrangement for dispatches of shareholders communication such as Accounts/Notices/Dividends/Bonus Shares/Right Shares.

Comprehensive Securities Custody Services

With improved technology, the standards of securities and custody services have evolved. But you can’t find this evolved standard in any random agency.

Future Capital Limited consistently revamps the existing securities as well as custody service portfolio. This way, we offer enriched services related to valuation, reporting and more!

We have a vast team experienced in security and custody management. Our management practices are dedicated to addressing every modern-day requirement,which is why we tend to impress our clients with our capabilities.

Our expertise in custody management and securities

We specialize in all kinds of security and custodial requirements you can have:

  1. Global custody and clearing
  2. Local custody and clearing
  3. Custody settlements
  4. Lending securities
  5. Liquidity management
  6. Fund administration
  7. Shareholder communication
  8. Bookkeeping

And much more!

Real-time management of securities and custody

When you hire us as your security and custody service partner, all your concerns vanish away. Our operations and advanced technology support the real-time management of required services. No matter how complex or high-risk service you require, Future Capital holds the right environment and skills to handle it.

Expert agents for every solution you require

We have a skilled professional to work as your agent and facilitate all the transaction solutions. Our team includes facility agents, investment agents, global agent, security agent, and escrow agent as well. So, you can call us the one agency with all the resources required for best client and market service quality.

Customized support and reporting

For each and every account, we provide monthly reports. This report contains a helpful summary of all the activities related to the solutions provided. We also include our analysis to help you plan ahead easily.

We have market-oriented expertise to support your needs in securities and custody services. Our customer support has professionals who study the market as well as your requirements. Dedicated support staff is assigned especially to each and every client. This way, we ensure a smooth continuity in support and services. Plus, we have various communication channels to help you stay connected with our experts.

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